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Order Now: (347) 534 8131

Baking Kits for Kids

Baketivity is one of the best ways to bond with kids with our easy-to-bake recipes and supplies. We bring you baking kits for kids in wide range of themes to make the cooking activity more fun and entertaining. You can choose from our scrumptious and creative recipes for the activity. Our kids baking kits includes recipes for Granola Bars, Muffin Cupcakes, Candy Blossoms, Pie Tower and so many more. Browse and choose the best baking kit for your kids. These kits come with premeasured ingredients and easy to follow cooking instructions. It is safe, easy and entertaining for the kids. We also have the perfect baking tools for the kids to help them bake their favourite dish easily. Your kids will simply love the innovative baking kits from Baketivity.

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