Duff Goldman + Baketivity

Match Made in Baking Heaven

Celebrity baker Duff Goldman and Baketivity are teaming together to bring you Duff Kits — all the excitement that comes inside a Baketivity Kit with the magic of a genuine Duff Goldman recipe.


Duff takes the cake!

Duff cakes kits arrive at your home with all the measured dry ingredients you need to create incredible confections — and the step-by-step instructions to make it fun for everybody. A great way for parents and kids to connect, with a super-sweet payoff the whole family will enjoy!

S’mores Sandwich
Cookies Kit

Chef Duff Goldman’s personal take on the classic campfire treat. Gooey marshmallow filling sandwiched between two fresh baked soft cookies, dipped in luscious chocolate… They’ll be asking for s’more!

Rainbow Unicorn Cookies

Leave it to Duff Goldman to take baking cookies to a whole new level. With excitement to be found in every step, kids will have a blast making rainbow cookies, carving unicorn horns, and decorating like a pro. With Duff, you’re making more than cookies – you’re an artist!

Snow Globe Cookies

Bake up a special holiday recipe and new family memories! Learn all the best baking tips from the master himself while Duff leads you step-by-step through his festive recipe

Fuzzy Monster Cake
& Cupcakes Kit

Nothing says Duff Goldman cakes more than his outrageous, Furry Monster Cake. Your Duff Kit includes all the measured ingredients and recipes for two versions — full sized cake or cupcakes. Scary good!

Show the world what you’ve got baking!

Now you and your guys can have all the excitement that comes inside a Baketivity Kit with the magic of a genuine Duff Goldman recipe. And when you’re done, share your creation at @duffgoldman and @baketivity.

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Kit recipes and special offers.

It’s a piece of cake!

Duff Goldman is an international baking superstar, host of Food Network’s Ace of Cakes and Kids Baking Championship and author of the upcoming book, “Super Good – Baking for Kids”. Duff is executive baker of Baltimore-based Charm City Cakes Bakery and Charm City Cakes Bakery West in Los Angeles.