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These Virtual Summer Camps Are Here for the Social Distancing Era

Want a camp experience for your kiddos that you’ll benefit from too? Baketivity is hosting its virtual bake-a-camp experience. And the best part? You can eat their creations. Your little Julia Child will score a box with four themed Baketivity kits. Each week the recipes will get a bit more advanced, with new topics, themes, and cuisines throughout the entire camp.


These Companies Deliver Healthy Meals For Kids Right To Your Door

If you’re less interested in meals made for your kids and more interested in spending time cooking and baking with your kids, Baketivity’s kits – and kit subscriptions — are a worthy investment. From gluten-free granola bars to everything bagels, they come with all the ingredients you need to create something delicious together. And if you find something you love, you can always recreate it later, using the same recipe or even adding your own twists. One-time kits start from $33 and subscription boxes start from $26 for a year.

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20 Virtual Summer Camps To Keep Every Kind Of Kid Busy

Baketivity is offering a virtual “Camp in a Box” for $200 that includes four themed kits. Each week they’ll work on one of the kits (which get progressively harder as the weeks go on) with an end goal of “mess-free” baking by the end of the course. This one is best for kids between 6 and 11 years old.

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30 Best Virtual Summer Camp Ideas to Keep Kids Entertained This Summer

Bake-a-Camp: Each week, campers will get a baking box featuring four themed kits from Baketivity kits for kids ages 6–11; the recipes will get more advanced and explore different topics, themes, or cuisines.


These virtual camps will keep kids busy all summer—from 2 to 18 🙌

Hot outside, sweet inside is the theme of Baketivity’s camp. Bake-A-Camp campers will get a big baking box featuring four themed Baketivity kits that include fun recipes and techniques as they explore one topic, theme, or cuisine throughout the month.

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Tips for keeping the kids engaged and giving parents a break

Another activity that we’ve grown to love while in quarantine is baking together. We choose simple recipes that aren’t too difficult to clean up like banana bread and homemade granola. I also came across this neat company called Baketivity and their latest venture Bake-A-Camp. If you sign up for Bake-A-Camp, your little campers will receive a big baking box featuring four themed Baketivity kits with pre-measured ingredients, step by step instructions and an activity book. You’ll just need to supply the eggs, oil and water. Each week’s kit will take campers through progressively advanced recipes and techniques as they explore one theme, or cuisine throughout the month. Campers make yummy sweet treats like chocolate caramel nuggets, creme puffs and chocolate logs.

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Summer Camp Canceled Due To Coronavirus? Here’s What Parents Can Do

Baketivity is on a mission this summer to help build tasty skills with a baking camp-in-a-box for kids. Bake-A-Camp helps kids play, learn, create and develop new skills through baking, with the best baker-approved tips and techniques. Bake-A-Camp is a parent-led, skill-building camp that takes place over the course of four weeks. Each week campers will receive one skill-building box. Each box builds upon the last until, at week four, your child graduates as a master Baketivity baker.

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40+ Virtual Summer Camps to Keep Kids Busy While Safely Social Distancing

Yum! Baketivity Bake-A-Camp provides campers baking box featuring four themed Baketivity kits. Each week’s kit, including pre-packaged and measured dry ingredients, hands-on instructions, science tips, and guides, will take them through progressively advanced recipes and techniques as they explore one topic, theme or cuisine throughout the month.

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Whats popping up the kids edition

For parents who are on the lookout for new ways to make a lockdown summer enjoyable and engaging for kids, Baketivity has launched a baking camp for kids. Bake-A-Camp campers will get a big baking box featuring four themed kits with pre-measured ingredients, step by step instructions, and an activity book, all you need are the eggs, oil and water. Each week’s kit will take campers through progressively advanced recipes and techniques as they explore one theme, or cuisine throughout the month. With hands-on instructions, behind-the-science tips, and easy-to-read baking guides, Bake-A-Camp can give any child the skills and confidence to bake like a pro:


Family Fun at Home: Baketivity Subscription Box

Denise and Izzy are trying out their baking skills in the kitchen with Baketivity Family Subscription Box. Today’s baking activity is the ‘Bug Cupcake Baking Kit’ with all of the ingredients and toppings needed to make the perfect ladybug cupcake creation!


Awesome Subscription Box Services for Kids and Families

Keep your kids entertained and teach them cooking skills with this cool box subscription, which features baking its for pies, cupcakes, muffins, granola and more.


9 Subscription Boxes For Anyone Who Loves Baking

Baketivity makes for a fun interactive activity for the whole family. Along with pre-measured ingredients to bake yummy treats, each box comes with coordinating lessons and activities on topics like science, health, history, and more.


21 Best Subscription Boxes for Kids

Can you say, ‘yum!’? With apron and chef’s hat in place, young bakers will tackle a new baked good, such as whoopie pies, granola bars, and cake pops, each month. The easy-to-use baking kit includes a recipe book with step-by-step instructions, pre-measured dry ingredients, and a shopping list for needed wet ingredients.


21 Care Packages We’re Sending to Friends Who Are Stuck at Home

It’s hard to keep kids happy and entertained at home for such an extended stretch. That’s why parents will really appreciate this thoughtful set, which will keep little ones busy—and teach them some real-life skills, too. This Baketivity baking set is brimming with delicious ingredients, creativity-sparking baking activities, and limited-mess packaging with delicious results. Even better: The dry ingredients are pre-measured, vacuum-sealed, and ready to pour.


Fun & creative ideas to keep kids of all ages busy at home

Our favorite mommy blogger Melissa Saigh joined the FOX 9 Morning Buzz with ideas to keep your entire family having fun and learning while you’re stuck at home. From bird houses to LEGO ice fun, it’s time to get those creative juices flowing!


5 Baking Kits That Provide (Almost) Everything You Need to Make Breads and More at Home

If you have kids at home, Baketivity will send everything you need to make cake pops, cinnamon rolls, and more. Available individually or as a subscription, every kit comes with pre-measured ingredients, decorations, and even fun games to play while you bake together.


Best Cooking Kits for Kids That Love Food

Made by parents for parents and kids, Baketivity’s baking boxes arrive with pre-measured ingredients and easy instructions. Designed for children ages four through 10 but perfect for the whole family, the boxes are a creative way to bond and create something scrumptious. Time to build a family baking bucket list!


Valentine's Day gifts that will win any kid's heart

Tweens can handle baking with less grown-up supervision. So this Valentine’s Day, stay close by, but enjoy watching your kid make scrumptious whoopie pies. (Marshmallow and cake. What could be bad?) This kit comes with premeasured ingredients, designed so tweens can make Valentine delectables all on their own.


Best Subscription Boxes for Kids – 2020 Award Winners

Delicious baked goodies combined with fun and learning! Baketivity sends scrumptious recipes in each box, along with pre-measured ingredients, and other fun activities. Their instructions are simple and kid-friendly, making the whole experience as fun as possible for kids. Subscribers can also choose their favorite recipes and order a box for regular deliveries of tasty, kid-friendly treats.


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There’s something new, tasty, and family-friendly on the way with your Baketivity Subscription.