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See why families love Baketivity baking kits!


Fun recipes kids will love to make with you, create memories for a lifetime!


Learn, connect and have fun with ‘Food For Thought’ cards, coloring pages and themed activities, great for all ages!


Form and function: Quality accessories and extras for kids to look and feel pro, like mom.


Exciting perks: ‘Backe-Along’ videos, chef Q&A, and shopping app for bonding with kids.

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Say goodbye to boring homeschool activities! The Seasons Family Bundle will

Bring the most delicious homeschool education activities to your kids and family. Go beyond textbooks and worksheets with engaging hands-on experiences, enriching educational activities, and skill-building in the kitchen. 

The Seasons Family Bundle includes: Vanilla Cake pops, Valentine’s Blondies, Christmas Tree baking kits and the super cool Cookie Cutter set