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Kids Holiday Baking Championship

Looking for tips & tricks to win big? Here’s where you’ll find everything you need to find & submit a win-worthy baking challenge recipe, including: choosing the right recipe, filming a great submission video, and more!

Contest Deadline: October 15, 2020

What's behind a winning Baketivity recipe?

Kid-friendly standards of fun & yum!

With so many recipes to choose from, it can be tough to figure out what can make your dessert the perfect choice for other Baketivity bakers. Read on to see how keeping it simple, shippable, and inclusive keeps you on track to winning!


Simple & Kid-Friendly

First things first: keep it simple! Baketivity is meant for bakers-in-training ages 3-13, so your recipe should be easy for kids to do on their own. The best recipes will feature just a few easy steps, simple explanations or teachable skills, and little room for mistakes!

– Plan first, bake later! Research the baking difficulty of your recipe before getting out your pots & pans!
– DIY-baking! Try to avoid using electric mixers or other appliances that mini-bakers may not be able to use on their own.
– Just enough for a snack: Keep the serving yield size small enough for easy-mixing – and few leftovers!

Easy to Ship, Anywhere

Did you know? Baketivity kits are shipped across the United States & Canada- so our recipes need ingredients that can handle the journey. The best Baketivity recipes include mostly dry ingredients that can be measured, packaged, and shipped.

– Need eggs (or anything else)? If your recipe calls for wet or perishable ingredients, they should be only standard pantry items, such as eggs and milk.


Bake for Everyone

The better your recipe can work for everyone, the better chance you have of winning big! Try to limit the use of common allergens in your recipe, such as peanut butter or seeds. You can also test out common substitutions for some ingredients, such as replacing margarine/butter with oil. That helps other bakers modify the recipe for any dietary restrictions they may have.

– Think healthy, too! Desserts don’t have to be full of junk to taste great! Keep your ingredients limited to wholesome, common ingredients that most of us can eat.
– Delicious doesn’t mean boring. Feel free to try out exciting, unique, and creative recipes, too. If it’s simple & tasty – we’ll all love to try it out!


How to Create a Great Baking Video

Introduce yourself, introduce your recipe, and show off the finished product in your winning video! You can also explain why you choose this recipe, what makes you (and your dessert) win-worthy, and share any of your own baking tips & tricks!


Horizontal Video

Make sure to video yourself on the landscape mode of your camera or phone so that your audience can see you (and your baking!) better.


Great Lighting

Hit the lights! Film yourself in a well-lit room to give your audience an easy-to-watch & easy-to-follow baking experience.



Whoa, don’t shake the camera! Set up your camera or phone on a tripod or steady surface for a shake-free video.

You don’t have to do it alone! You can ask your family for help, or involve your friends in testing, videoing, and submitting your recipe.

All recipes must be baked from scratch, without the use of pre-made cake or cookie mixes.

Decorations and toppings may include store-bought frosting, icing, sprinkles, or mixes. Decorations may not include fondant.

All recipes must be tried out and tested at home before submitting.

Recipes may not be plagiarized from an existing blog, cookbook, or other copyrighted work. You may however use that as a guide or starting point.

Recipe submission must include all instructions, ingredients, and step-by-step explanations in a simple and easy-to-read format.

Winners will be chosen based on voting results and the discretion of the Baketivity team. The Baketivity team will choose based on suitability for the Baketivity audience, as explained above.

The deadline has passed!

You can view the submissions and vote for the one recipe (and baker) you liked best. If you sent in a recipe, tell your family and friends to vote for you! Our judges will test the recipes and select a winner. The winner will be announced shortly.


Choose Your Favorite Recipe & Baker!

The next Baketivity Kit is up to you! Click below to watch all contestant videos and vote for your favorite holiday treat.

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