Order Now: (347) 534 8131
Order Now: (347) 534 8131

About Baketivity

About Baketivity

A Word from Our Team

Our dream is to make Baketivity the go-to choice for baking activities. Entertaining kids, and groups, especially parties, is hard work! So, we take the hard work out of baking so you get to have all the fun. Baking is one of our passions in life and we’re excited to share it with you. 

Bake(tivity) on!


We are based in Spring Valley, NY

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Why Do We Love Baketivity?

Made by Bakers

Our founders have almost 5 years of experience in the baking industry, plus help from experienced designers, testers and marketers. Our combined talents make the most powerful Baketivity team.

Made by Parents

We know what it feels like to need an easy, fun activity to do with bored kids. Baketivity to the rescue! Plus, we try to make the recipes as healthy as possible (no margarine!), while still tasting delicious!

Made for You

It’s up to you how you choose a Baketivity box; by your favorite recipe, lesson or activity. Plus, order as many as you need and get discounted group rates. Perfect for parties, groups, or bonding one-on-one.

Recommended by Experts

“As a parenting expert I am very excited to recommend Baketivity. I believe it is the answer for the busy mom looking for an easy, fun, hassle free way to spend quality time with her child or children.

Baketivity is a creative way to bond with children and build skills in an informal way. Baketivity also enables children to develop skills by following step-by-step instructions to create an end product they will not only be proud of but also enjoy and delight others with.

There is no doubt that this fun activity will help a child develop a positive association with working in the kitchen and baking. When done as a family activity it will further develop a spirit of cooperation of working together towards a goal. If you are looking to boost your child’s confidence and self-esteem this will surely do the trick. A child’s sense of self worth always goes up when they can prove their ability to create something from start to finish and earn well deserved praise.

Baketivity is guaranteed to be an activity that will create everlasting memories of a loving, warm childhood and home.”

– Dina Friedman, Parenting Expert


Bio: Dina Friedman is an international parenting guide and creator of the Chanoch L’naar parenting series which has impacted the lives of over 5000 women. She is also known for her Mastery program, a 30 session series on self-awareness, spiritual growth and wellbeing in all areas of life. She runs a private practice as a life coach, parenting guide and Demartini Method Facilitator. To find out more about purchasing her parenting package and her courses call 732-994-5018 or visit www.clparenting.com.

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Recommended by Experts

“When my children see me preparing something in the kitchen, they pull up a chair to the counter and ask if they could “do a job.” They feel so proud when they can contribute to a meal (they’re also more likely to actually eat it!)…and they’re immeasurably more proud when they can prepare something by themselves, without mommy’s help! Kids are much more capable than we allow them to be.

I remember one day, when my daughter was three: we had made a cookie batter, and then I stepped away to speak to someone who was at the door. When I came back, there was a tray full of rolled cookie dough balls, ready for baking. I would never have known that she was capable had I stood next to her the entire time. And you can’t imagine how good she felt!

Baketivity brings more such moments into a home by taking out the guesswork and truly giving children of all ages the power to create on their own. I especially love the concept for birthday parties, when a “grownup” can’t be in 12 places at once. The addition of fun, educational lessons that Baketivity ties into the process makes each box even more valuable. This is a gift of confidence!

– Victoria Dwek
Ami Magazine, Food Editor


Bio: Victoria Dwek is the editor of Ami Magazine’s Whisk, the popular kosher food magazine available weekly inside AmiLiving. All Ami readers become her friends in the kitchen through her features and “Hello Cooks” column. She’s the co-author of six cookbooks, including the smash hit Secret Restaurant Recipe series, and a sought after personality for live cooking shows and events. 

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