Pretzel Making Kit

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There’s nothing like the hot sun beating on while you relish a tasty hot pretzel. There’s no twisting arms with this kit- they’re absolutely delicious!

Product Details

Create memorable experiences while you bake these hot soft pretzels with those you love.

Baketivity kits were created to help you connect with those you love, in the language of the heart. Our kits help your baking time be convenient, mess-free, entertaining, and educational- all at once!

Convenient all the dry ingredients in one spot, plus a kid-friendly recipe (which means not having to spend hours looking for one)

Mess-free our pre-measured ingredients, packaged in neat bags, will ensure clean baking experiences and easy clean up.

Entertaining children love being busy doing something productive, and they love showing off the results (that means hours of quiet time for you!)

Educational our educational activity teaches your child about a topic pertaining to the theme of the kit (education in an interesting manner- what more can you ask for?)

So go ahead, blast that music and have some fun!

Our Hot Pretzels kit yields 12 tasty hot pretzels.