Order Now: (347) 534 8131
Order Now: (347) 534 8131



  • Why my Contents Arrived Rock Solid ?

    At Baketivity we strive for excellence. Therefore we vacuum pack our products to maintain their optimum freshness.  This may make some of the products hard. Just bang it against any hard surface and it will loosen up.

    Our products are vacuum packed, to give you a product that maintains its optimum freshness.  This may cause it to harden.  Bang it against any hard surface and it will loosen up.

    The hard rock like consistency that you may find in some of our products, is due to the fact that we vacuum pack these products to maintain optimum freshness.  Bang it against any hard surface and it will loosen up.

  • What are our certifications?

    We only use kosher certified products and our plant is FDA approved.


  • Terms of Purchase

    You may purchase and/or otherwise receive gift cards through the Site (the “Gift Cards”). You must create or have an existing and valid account with Baketivity in order to redeem a Gift Card. All accounts are subject to the Baketivity Terms and Conditions in all respects. Gift Cards (which include, for purposes of the Agreement, e-gift cards and gift certificates) purchased from Baketivity expire on the later of: (a) the fifth (5th) anniversary of the date of purchase or (b) any longer expiration period required by applicable law. Gift Cards may not be redeemed for cash (except in those jurisdictions that require redemptions for cash). Baketivity Gift Cards may be redeemed on Baketivity’s website. Redemptions of Gift Cards will result in the application of a credit to your account in the amount of the Gift Card balance. Any Gift Card balances will be applied toward your Baketivity subscription or any other product purchased by you from Baketivity from time to time until the Gift Card is depleted. Gift Cards are not redeemable for cash or credit, except to the extent required by applicable law. Baketivity is not responsible for lost or stolen Gift Cards. Lost or stolen Gift Cards cannot be replaced (except as required by law). All sales of Plated Gift Cards are final and non-refundable.

  • How do I gift Baketivity?

    Baketivity will be your favorite gift to send. It’s fun, easy and good for everyone! You can choose to send a gift card by mail or print it out. The recipient uses the gift card to choose their Baketivity products and checkout by redeeming the gift card.

  • Do you accept returns?

    We hope you are happy with your order! Unfortunately, we cannot accept returns but if you have any issues or questions with your order, please contact us by emailing help@baketivity.com ​, using the contact form, or by calling 347 534 131. We’ll do whatever it takes to make sure you’re 100% satisfied!

  • How do I order a Baketivity box or boxes?

    We’re flexible so you can order exactly what you need. You can order a single box, a group box, or a gift collection. And, stay tuned for our monthly subscription service, you’ll get a surprise Baketivity box delivered each month!

  • When could Baketivity be used for?

    Anytime you’re looking for a fun activity, or an easy (scrumptious!) way to bake. We’re perfect for baking at home, or entertaining groups of all sizes.

  • Why did you create Baketivity?

    We wanted to bring you the learning and bonding experience we have when baking with our 3 children.

    We’re a husband and wife team. Eli has experience in commercial baking supplies distribution. Sara is a professional baker. We combined our talents (plus, hired some extra help, of course) to give you a fantastical, easy baking experience!

    We love baking with our 3 children and enjoy the learning and bonding experience.

  • Where does Baketivity come from?

    We’re born and bred in NYC, but don’t worry we ship across the USA. We source our products locally, and package them in our own facility to maintain freshness and adhere to 100% kosher standards.

  • Who is Baketivity for?

    Baketivity is ideally for children ages 4‐10. However, families, parties and groups with children of all ages, or even adults, will have a blast baking, playing and learning.

  • What is Baketivity?

    Baketivity is a baking box that comes with everything you need to bake scrumptious goods. We include pre‐measured ingredients, a recipe, plus a short lesson and an activity or game. A true bak(e) + (ac)tivity! Get it?