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Calling all young Bakers!

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You might even see your recipe in our newsletter, featured in our next recipe book, or as a Baketivity kit!
Bake up the most incredible recipe and you could win the
or the second-place prize of FREE baking subscriptions for up to 25 classmates!
* 3 months subscription
Bonus Rewards Every baker with 30 votes or more receives a FREE customizable hat & apron set!
You might even see your recipe in our newsletter, featured in our next recipe book, or as a Baketivity kit!
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Get ready, get set,
get baking!

Show us your most creative and delicious recipe for a chance to win big!

Deadline to enter: Dec. 31, 2023

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How do I enter?

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Put on your baking caps
Come up with a creative and delicious recipe idea that will wow our team. Stick to ingredients that can be included in a Baketivity kit, but don’t be afraid to bake anything from muffins and pies to cookies and cake pops.
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Record your video entry
Once you’ve perfected your recipe, record a video with the final product. Be sure to introduce yourself (state your name and age), tell voters about your recipe, and explain why you should win. Please note: You don’t have to record yourself making the treat, but feel free to include this if you’d like.
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Snap a clear picture of your treat
You’ll also need to submit a clear picture of your creation. Use a neat, clean background when taking the photo.
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Submit your entry and share it!
Upload your video, picture, recipe instructions, and other applicable information with your submission. Then share your entry with friends and family so they can vote for you!

Ready to vote?

Help us select a grand prize winner!

The baker with the most votes will be the winner, so cast your vote for your favorite recipe today!

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Your questions, our answers
Our competition is open for kids of all ages, so long as the recipe is according to the competition official rules.
Siblings that created separate recipes are welcomed to submit separate entries. If however, it’s the same recipe they will need to enter the completion together and share the prize.
The last date to submit your recipe is Dec. 15 2023
The 2023 bakeaway winner will be announced on Jan. 5 2024
You don’t have to do it alone! You can ask your family for help, or involve your friends in testing, videoing, and submitting your recipe.
Winners will be chosen based on voting results and the discretion of the Baketivity team. The Baketivity team will choose based on suitability for the Baketivity audience, as explained here.

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